We build incentivized systems in titanium-reinforced AISI 304 and AISI 316 TI stainless steel from 35 to 300 kWel/h (Ministerial Decree 06/23/2016 and Law 145/2018-biogas) or for self-consumption up to 2,000 kWel/h. We choose stainless steel because it guarantees very high resistance to corrosive and mechanical forces and drastically reduces extraordinary interventions over the years, for maximum investment protection.


Biomethane is derived from the process of concentration and purification of the methane present in biogas. Biomethane exploits the storage and distribution infrastructures of methane from fossil sources, which is why it has a wide range of uses, from industrial and domestic to light and heavy transport.


Renew, convert, optimize. Do you want to transform your biogas plant to biomethane? Give continuity to your initial investment, in compliance with the new environmental regulations: we provide you with “turn-key” solutions for the revamping of your system.


No exceptions to quality and safety. Only highly qualified personnel and certified materials for our technical, biological and maintenance assistance service on our multi-brand systems.
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