What is biomethane

Biomethane derives from the concentration and purification process of the methane present in biogas, a heterogeneous mixture of renewable gas produced in the anaerobic digestion process, where methane is the major component.
Biomethane can therefore be obtained from agricultural waste and zootechnical waste, food industry waste and by-products, organic fraction of municipal solid waste.

Why biomethane

More and more farms, agricultural cooperatives, processing industries and municipal companies have chosen anaerobic digestion as the key to success of the corporate circular economy, generating high economic profitability and green energy from organic waste and by-products, contributing to the drastic reduction of greenhouse gases. Biomethane offers a wide range of uses, from civil and industrial use to transport, being able to exploit the same storage and distribution infrastructures as methane from fossil sources. ​


Biomethane production plants are important and successful investments, you certainly don’t want to choose plants of mediocre quality and low reliability.

For this reason, we at BST are absolute leaders in the construction of anaerobic digestion plants in stainless steel, following the customer in the planning, design and construction of the plant, supplying “turnkey” plants.

We leave no detail to chance thanks to the decades of experience of the technicians and designers who will take care of your system, including maintenance and assistance!

The advantages

  • Optimize waste, livestock manure and organic by-products for the production of green energy or fuel
  • Supplements agricultural income
  • Uses the digestate as a fertilizer, improving the workability of the land and the ability to retain water
  • Dramatically reduce odors and polluting emissions
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